Rick Becker

“I try to apply colours like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music” – Joan Miro. My art – deeply interwoven through my being, is my music, my poetry… the evidence of my existence, which, at a superficial glance, could be labeled chaotic or abstract. Yet like all things in life, when considered with a degree of sensitivity, reveals a deeper level of engagement with this mystery we casually call life…it is my solid, passionate response to the stimuli of being alive with it’s imperatives to question…

Who I am, who you are and why are we here? Around me I see confusion, pain and chaos. I see beauty, kindness and forgiveness. I see disorder. I see order.

This is how I then paint… some works are geometric, clinical, painted smoothly and planned to some extent. Others are very spontaneous; the paint applied thickly with a palette knife – a relinquishing of the need to be in control as I allow the paint to run, using diverse methods with liberal experimentation to usher the image into unexplored, intuitive landscapes where colour and energy can speak a truer word than reams of intellectualization. Images are there: waiting to be recognized and that is exciting….invariably I am just as surprised at the end result as anyone else. I’m part spectator, part contributor in the divine process of creation. There are days when I simply cannot paint, and if I do, the artwork will acquaint itself with the blade of an axe. However, when “it’s happening” and the inspiration is there, nothing else matters at that moment in time and I feel God’s pleasure in me being both authentic and purposeful.