Joan Beuche

Joan was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, and still lives there. She has always been known for the rare quality of her talent as a highly individualistic artist. Joan studied art at school and completed a course in commercial art before commencing work in a display studio where she gained experience in a variety of media. After her marriage and the birth of her first two children, Joan went on to college where she majored in art and graduated with honors.

She began painting full-time for reproduction in the commercial market and covered a variety of subjects and styles including portraits, landscapes, still life, illustrations, and flower studies. These were done in acrylic, pastel, water color and silkscreen. This led to a coveted contract with a publisher for the production of the acclaimed Prestige Wildlife Calendars. Over the years Joan has developed a highly perceptive interpretation of the African bush. Her trademark, evident in all her work, is her depiction of the effect of light on natural forms and colours.

Today, Joan has become a world-renowned, award winning wildlife artist. Her originals and prints grace the walls of many corporate boardrooms, African safari lodges, and private homes in South Africa and abroad. Her calendars have brought immense pleasure to wildlife enthusiasts everywhere. Joan’s desire is to awaken an awareness and appreciation for the amazing wildlife of Africa.