Tony de Freitas

Tony de Freitas was born in 1950 with, it is rumoured, a pencil behind his ear – because for as far back as he can remember, he was always drawing! Taking art seriously throughout his school years, Tony regularly won the annual prizes, achieving a distinction for practical art in his final school year.

After matriculating, Tony did not pay too much attention to art and another love in his life took precedence. In his early years music was also in his blood and with the advent of The Beatles, his interest in guitar as an instrument was captured forever. Proving highly versatile over the years, Tony qualified to teach music at an early age and branched out to all styles, entertaining at many a function all over South Africa.

In 1990, Tony made the decision to fulfil his passion for painting by  spending his time with a paintbrush in hand on a full-time basis. Tony explains: “ I once read in an art book that the canvas reflects life’s experiences – the more years an artist has been painting, the more authentic is his work.”